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CDROM Companion to the Workflow Handbook 2003   NEW!
Published in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC):

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CD ROM Companion to the Workflow Handbook 2003 contains:

  • Foreword video presentation by Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair 

  • Introduction to Workflow 45-minute video tutorial

  • An electronic copy of the entire Workflow Handbook 2003 in PDF format

  • Selected slide presentations to WfMC technical committees

  • Workflow product comparative analysis (a substantial subset of the highly acclaimed Workflow Comparative Study by Martin Ader)

  • Product demonstrations, specifications and literature from selected vendors 

  • Contributions from industry experts, includes Wf-XML 2.0, XPDL 1.0 Specification, examples and WfMC workflow glossary.

The definitive and one-stop reference work on workflow, standards and business processes; published in collaboration with the Workflow Management Coalition, the industry’s standards-setting body.

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The Workflow Handbook 2003 
Published in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)

Edited by Layna Fischer


Quality hardcover. 384 pages. 
US $95.00 Retail.
Size: 7" x 10"

Quality laminated hardcover. Illustrations, charts, references, appendices, bibliography, index.
Published by:
Future Strategies Inc.,
Lighthouse Point, FL, USA.

"The Workflow Management Coalition is the globally recognized body for the advancement of workflow management technology and its use in industry,"  Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair

Welcome to the Workflow Handbook 2003. This landmark 10th anniversary edition offers you three sections:

SECTION 1: The World of Workflow covers a wide spectrum of viewpoints and discussions by experts in their respective fields. Papers range from an uncomplicated definition of the technology, architecture styles, the importance of Web Services, adaptive workflow in a distributed environment, group applications, Business Activity Management to discussions on emerging technologies.

SECTION 2: Workflow Standards deals with the importance of standards, and includes discussions and examples on the importance and deployment of standards, specifically the new XPDL specification recently published by the Coalition’s Technical Committee. The specification is published in full on the Coalition website.

SECTION 3: Directory and Appendices provide an explanation of the structure of the Workflow Management Coalition, and include an authors’ appendix, WfMC officers and a membership directory.


Table of Contents

  • Foreword 
    Jon Pyke, Chair WfMC and CTO Staffware Plc, United Kingdom

  • Introduction
    Layna Fischer, General Manager Workflow Management
    Coalition, United States

SECTION 1—The World of Workflow

  • Workflow and Process Management (Download a free 25-page chapter)
    Carol Prior, Maestro BPE Pty Limited, Australia

  • Group Applications:  From Workflow to Work Management
    Martin Ader, Workflow & Groupware Strategies, France

  • Best Practices in Workflow 
    Connie Moore, Giga Information Group, United States

  • Web Services and Workflow– a Unified Approach
    Heinz Lienhard, ivyTeam, Switzerland

  • The Continuity Between  Design and Implementation 
    Nathalie Génieux and Dominique Montel, W4, Fance

  • Optimization of Workflow Performance through Business Process and Architecture Alignment: A Simulation Approach 
    Jon Weyland, CACI, United States

  • Business Processes and Business Rules: Business Agility Becomes Real
    Jean Faget, W4, France; Mike Marin, FileNET, United States; Patrick Mégard, ILOG, France; Vincent J. Owens, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, United Kingdom; Laurent-Olivier Tarin, ILOG, France

  • Formal Support for Adaptive Workflow Systems in a Distributed Environment
    Yun-Heh Chen-Burger and Jussi Stader, AIAI, the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Web-extended Business Process Management 
    David Lakness,, eiStream Technologies, Inc., United States

  • Information Drives Change—Integrated Business Process Management and  the Enterprise Dial Tone
    Scott G. Opitz, webMethods, Inc., United States

  • Straight Through Processing: Part 1—A fiasco without Workflow?
    Jeroen Stoffele and Fred van Leeuwen  DCE Consultants, The Netherlands

  • Straight Through Processing and Workflow in Securities Trading: Part 2—What Can Workflow Add?  
    Fred van Leeuwen, and Jeroen Stoffele DCE Consultants, The Netherlands

  • The Intelligent Enterprise Infrastructure 
    Mike D. Gilger, Identitech, United States

  • Emerging Technologies—Where the Market is Headed
    Jon Pyke, Staffware Plc, United Kingdom

SECTION 2—Workflow Standards

  • B2B Interoperability through Presentation Level Integration
    Alan Rickayzen, SAP AG. Germany and  Keith Swenson, Fujitsu Software Inc., United States

  • Managing the Compliance of Dynamic and Complex Processes
    Paul W.H. Chung and Larry Y.C. Cheung,  Loughborough University United Kingdom

  • XPDL and BPMN
    Stephen A. White, SeeBeyond, United States

  • XPDL in Action
    Arnaud Bezancon, ADVANTYS, France

  • Integrating Warehouse Process Flows in the Heterogeneous Environment 
    Jean-Pierre Dijcks, Oracle Corporation, United States

  • Getting Started with Workflow
    Charles Plesums, CSC Financial Services, United States

  • The WfMC Glossary
    Compiled by David C. Hollingsworth, Fujitsu, United Kingdom Chair, WfMC Technical Committee  

SECTION 3—Directories and Appendices

  • WfMC Structure and Membership Information 
    Layna Fischer, General Manager, WfMC, United States

  • WfMC Officer and Fellows 2003 

  • Appendix—Authors

  • Appendix—Membership Directory

  • Index

  • Order Form



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