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CD ROM Companion to the Workflow Handbook 2001 containing:

  • Foreword video presentation by Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair 

  • Introduction to Workflow 45-minute video tutorial

  • An electronic copy of the entire Workflow Handbook 2001 in PDF format

  • Selected slide presentations to WfMC technical committee

  • Workflow product comparative analysis

  • Product demonstrations, specifications and literature from selected vendors 

  • Contributions from industry experts, includes Wf-XML Binding Specification and WfMC workflow glossary.

The definitive and one-stop reference work on workflow, standards and business processes; published in collaboration with the Workflow Management Coalition, the industry’s standards-setting body.

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ISBN 0-9703509-1-0


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The Workflow Handbook 2001
Published in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)

Edited by Layna Fischer

Published OCTOBER 2000

Quality hardcover. 
420 pages. 
US $95.00 Retail.
Size: 7" x 10"
ISBN 0-9703509-0-2

Quality laminated hardcover. Illustrations, charts, references, appendices, bibliography, index.

"The Workflow Management Coalition is now the globally recognized body for the advancement of workflow management technology and its use in industry," 
Jon Pyke, WfMC Chair


This latest edition of the Workflow Handbook will provide you with a valuable insight into the revolution in business process management and the attendant benefits currently underway as eBusiness opportunities increase. The Workflow Handbook has been designed as a one-stop source for organizations seeking or already committed to implementing workflow systems as part of their IT and EC strategy.


The Workflow Management Coalition has worked strenuously for the adoption of standards throughout the industry. Standards allow organizations that have more than one workflow system to connect them easily. They provide a fertile environment for workflow component development to grow and flourish, giving a rich array of options for user organizations. Most importantly, standards provide an infrastructure for inter-organizational process automation.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction (Download document containing short descriptions of each chapter. Five pages in PDF format)

  • Workflow: An introduction

  • Workflow for the Information Worker

  • The Many Generations of Workflow

  • Workflow-based Process Controlling—Or: What You Can Measure You Can Control

  • The Role of Workflow in Portal Environments

  • A Supply Chain Management Framework using the TINA-C Business Model and a jFlow Workflow Prototype

  • Managing Time in Workflow Systems

  • The Birth of m–Commerce

  • Interworkflow: A Challenge for Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce

  • Applying Intelligent Workflow Management in the Chemicals Industries

  • Workflow in the Public Sector

  • Building Complex Workflow Applications: How to Overcome the Limitations of the Waterfall Model

  • From Workflow to e-Process Automation

  • Three Fundamental Trends: Application Integration, Development Tools, and Workflow Engine Cooperation

  • The Value of Standards

  • Workflow Interoperability Standards for the Internet

  • Workflow Standard–Interoperability Wf-XML Binding

  • WfMC Terminology and Glossary

  • WfMC Structure and Membership Details including WfMC Officers

  • Coalition Member Directory



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