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Excellence in Practice, Volume V
Innovation and Excellence in Workflow and
Business Process Management

Publish date: NOVEMBER 2003

Author: Layna Fischer
ISBN 0-9703509-5-3

Pages: 280

Price: US $50.00
Size: 7" x 10"

Quality hardcover. Illustrations, charts, references, appendices, bibliography, index.


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The criteria for the case studies in this book:

Each case study received a prestigious Excellence in Workflow Award based on the the following:

  • Innovation encompasses the innovative use of technology for strategic business objectives; the complexity of the underlying business process and IT architecture; the creative and successful deployment of advanced workflow and imaging concepts; and process innovations through business process reengineering and/or continuous improvements. 

  • Hallmarks of a successful implementation include extensive user and line management involvement in the project while successfully managing change during the implementation process. Factors impacting the level of difficulty in achieving a successful implementation include the system complexity; integration with other advanced technologies; and the scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes). 

  • Impact is the bottom line, answering the question “what benefits does workflow deliver to the business?” Examples of potential benefits include: productivity improvements; cost savings; increased revenues; product enhancements; improved customer service; improved quality; strategic impact to the organization’s mission; enabling culture change; and—most importantly—changing the company’s competitive position in the market. The visionary focus is now toward strategic benefits, in contrast to marginal cost savings and productivity enhancements.

Readers of these detailed case studies can find out more about:

  • Their system application, what the system is used for, who are the users and what the job entails

  • What were their key motivations

  • Their system configuration (number, and type of software, servers, scanners, printers, storage devices, etc., including the identities of the vendors and integrators involved)

  • The number of users currently on the system and number of users planned.

  • How the company has been impacted by their new system; cost savings, ROI and increased productivity improvements, competitive advantage gained, and how they managed to move the goal posts for their industry.

  • Their implementation process and methodology, the project team, and the change management and business process reengineering issues they addressed.

  • How these companies managed both their overall technological and business innovations.


Table of Contents

Section 1: Guest Chapters

  • Analysis: Global Excellence in Workflow Award Winners 2003
    Roger Whitehead, Office Futures, United Kingdom
    FREE CHAPTER - PDF 468kb

    • This chapter offers a comparison of the case studies that went through to the finals of this year’s selection. Whitehead’s intent was to see what one could learn from them about the present state of applying process management tools.
      He looked mainly at the way these products were used rather than at the details of what they ran on or with. If for no other reason, any such technical analysis would get out of date quickly. Implementation lessons are longer lasting. Geography, industry sector, suppliers and analyses of ROI are examined in detail. An examination of the finalists’ cases printed in this book shows that self-criticism among users and suppliers is refreshingly common.

  • Controlled Agility: an Answer to a Classic Dilemma in Business Process Automation 
    Martin Ader, Workflow & Groupware Strategies, France 

  • The Third Wave of Digitization  
    Howard Smith, CSC, United Kingdom and Peter Fingar, Greystone Group, USA

  • The Problem with Process Management Standards
    Jon Pyke, Staffware Plc and  Chairman of the WfMC Steering Committee

Section 2:  North America

Section 3: Middle East and Africa

  • Professional Provident Society Insurance Company Limited
    Gold Award

Section 4: Pacific Rim

  • Korea First Bank, Seoul, Korea
    Gold Award

  • Government of Andhra Pradesh, India
    Silver Award

Section 5: Latin America

  • Sonae Distribuição Brasil, Brazil 
    Gold Award

Section 6:  Pan European

  • Credit Suisse Financial Services ServiceNet, Switzerland  
    Gold Award

  • Groupama Centre Sud, France 

  • MATÁV—Hungarian Telecommunications Company
    Silver Award

  • LOGiCOM, United  Kingdom   

Section 7: Appendices

  • Appendix
    Contributors, Award Winners, Vendors and Integrators

  • Resources



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