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2010 BPM & Workflow

2010 BPM and Workflow Handbook
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BPM Excellence in Practice 2009

BPM Excellence in Practice 2009, case studies on BPM and Workflow

2009 BPM and Workflow Handbook
Spotlight on Government

2009 BPM and Workflow Handbook: Expert white papers by industry thought leaders
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2008 BPM & Workflow Handbook
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BPM-Focus is a member network formed by the 2006 merger of Enix Consulting and WARIA (Workflow and Reengineering International Association).

The new organization extends the traditional services offered by Enix and WARIA through a range of educational services focused around the BPM arena.

The BPMF Learning Framework is a program of BPM Development & Deployment courses incorporating best practices for BPM project delivery and supporting techniques from the very best thinkers in the industry.

BPM and Workflow eBook Series

This new eBook series presents the collection of best and most important chapters on this topic recently published in the annual BPM and Workflow Handbook series and other publications. BPM's promises are real, but the path to success is littered with pitfalls and shortcuts to failure. If you are just embarking on using its methods and tools, these authors have a wealth of experience to learn from and build on. Whether you are a business manager or an Information Technology practitioner, this special collection of papers will provide valuable information about what BPM can do for you—and how to apply it.

Cover: Introduction to BPM and Workflow
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Introduction to BPM and Workflow
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BPM and Workflow in Healthcare
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113 pages, 11 chapters, 4MB zipped PDF.


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